Yeah,  it’s official.  I’m seriously messed up.  Get this! 

I’m in the middle of a chat here on this site on MY computer,  the one I bought and paid for on MY own,  with MY hard earned money, and my mom walks up and demands to use it.  MY computer!!! because SHE wanted to watch a video in HER room.  

Let me just go over that again:  I’m on my computer and my mom demands that I let her use it.  Doesn’t even ask, doesn’t say please,  just "I need to watch a video in my bedroom, so give me your computer."  Forget the fact that she has a big screen TV in her room with cable, DVD and video set up,  NOOOOOOO, she’s gotta’ use MY computer to watch a video. 

You wanna know the absolute worst part?  


Because if I didn’t,  there would be the breakout of WW3 at our house, and I would be the start of that fight.  It would be my fault that my mom has heart palpitations, and that her stomach ties in knots. 

My fault, my fault, my fault. 

For those of you that are beginning to suspect,  yes.  I am the child of domestic violence.  My mom would slap the shit out of me until she got what she wanted, and now I’m afraid to tell her no.  One day, I swear to God I’m going to just get up and leave, screw the fact that it will give her immediate heart failure. 

Looking back on it,  I think if she had just asked if she could borrow it,  asked,  not demanded, it would have been no big deal.  I wouldn’t be so upset, and things would be okay.  I know things aren’t perfect, but she could at least have asked.  That’s all I’m saying.   


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