So I’m up at 2:15 am. Nothing much to do but sit here and think. I want to go into my bedroom and meditate… light some incense, calm myself after a weird day =) I need a little relaxation.

I met this girl. Before I met her in person I thought she was pretty damn awesome. Now I still think shes awesome but shes pretty cute too. But I’m stepping back. I’m afriad of being hurt. I know myself. Shes my type… and I’m not in the clear to get hurt or attached. So I need to turn off my sensitive signals so I can enjoy her company, guilt free =)

I found this blog on Megs myspace. Its clearly about Mike. I won’t let him know cause then he will let her have it. But I wanted to take this time to reflect on it.

She talks about him being unsuccessful and a loser. A loser, yes… unsucessful, no. I think he’s highly intelligent in most fields, he knows many different fields of work… not to mention he could build and install everything for a computer with his eyes closed. He just has trouble with jobs. He can’t seem to find one that clicks.

Meghan on the other hand… is ungreatful. My family took her in and all she does is walk all over them and then let her friends walk all over them. Yet my family has given her SO MUCH. So it steams me that she would think she is worth more than someone else. If it weren’t for my family, she would be living on the streets and still be a middle school drop out. She smokes herself stupid all the time and plays music. She thinks she has a future, but has none. She isn’t talented at all. She writes at a middle school level and cheats off her friends in classes. So how could this person think she is any better than someone else?


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