In the spirit of being polite, I'd like to make a follow-up to my 'psa' blog.

-user- posts several blogs, blacking out the front page for other bloggers.

-case- "Hey, maybe you could put all those thoughts into one blog instead of several. So other people have a chance to get their blogs noticed."

-user- *Replies with a pm* "So, what? Am I supposed to wait for someone else to post before I put something else up on the blog section? I'm not taking up space, and I"m not infringing upon anyone else's right to post what they want. I'm not spamming. And you're free to not read anything that I post. Please be considerate of my right to express what I"m feeling and what I want to share with others. "

-case- *replies with pm*" Hello, I didn't mean to offend you, earlier. However,you are spamming, though,you are taking up space, and while you aren't infringing on other peoples right to post, you are infringing on wether or not someone view their blog. Next time try posting everything you want to say into one blog. It's polite, and as a bonus you're letting your fellow bloggers get heard."

-user- "I don't see how anything I post is infringing upon anyone's right to view their blog. I'm not stopping anyone. Other people have a right to post just as I have a right to post. And evidently you don't know the meaning of the word SPAM. Spam is a disruptive message, especially commercial messages posted on a computer network or sent as e-mail. Check the dictionary if you want to double check the accuracy of this definition. Also spam is usually multiple postings of the same thing. Spam is also usually considered to be any sort of message or writing that is unwanted or unsolicited. If that is the case, then the blogs of everyone here is spam. Maybe I don't want to see someone else's blog. Does that mean they are posting spam? If I want to post more than one message, then I am within my rights to. I've already discussed the limits of my postings to the moderators."

-user- replies with PM titled 'hey you better call the cops!' "User#2 posted 3 blogs on the same page. Better call the cops… She's spamming. roflmao"

-case- "Hi, I never declared you were breaking any rules, I was asking you to, instead of posting ten blogs in an hour, maybe post one, with all the ideas of the ten in it. I can't control you, or user #2, I'm simply trying to advocate for the other bloggers on the site who want their ideas/comments to be seen."

-user- blocks case.

If you're reading this, I really didn't mean to offend you, I simply want everyone to get a fair shot at attention.


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