Today, I went to try something called zonetherapy (supposedly useful against depression), because I won a gift card to that clinic, that allowed the bearer one hour of either massage, zonetherapy or something called Craniosacral Therapy.

I'm not too fond of having strangers (including professionals) touch certain parts of my body, so I went with the more innocent zone therapy thing. As it turned out, a full hour was a bit much just for something that's essentially just foot massage, so the physician (or whatever that kind of person is called) asked if I'd like some craniosacral therapy.

By now, I was getting comfortable enough with the lady to let her at it. Fairly relaxing despite my aforementioned dislike of being touched, but it helps if the person doing it is someone you're comfortable with, and in that regard, she was definitely very professional, making me comfortable enough with her within the first half hour or so.

Anyway, she asked some questions (what made me want to try out zonetherapy? to mention one) and thus, she learned that I had trouble with depressions (I did not talk anxiety though). I ended up talking more about myself than I had anticipated I would (fortunately, a good move this time).

Good thing the lady doing the massaging apparently has some education in psychology. She recommended I attend a weekly session of meditation, in order to "rest in oneself". Ironically, I've often considered taking such classes many times, but lacked the encouragement or motivation to take the actual step.

The lady assured me that not only was her colleague in charge of these sessions a very "Human" and humane individual, she also said there wouldn't be a lot of people attending these sessions – how did she know I prefer small groups of people and humane people in charge? I never mentioned something to that effect – must be either experience or she's really intelligent. Either way, it smells like good news.

She also recommended some "light medication" (she asked if I was on meds, I said no) in the shape of a so-called "Green Bliss Pill", which was made of a herb called Pericon. She assured me that I would NOT get addicted from taking that pill. In general, if I couldn't get the pill she referred to, I could go for something with Pericon in it. So that's what I'm going to do.

I once wrote a blog long ago about the value of taking a daily vitamin pill (I take something with multiple vitamin types). Well, now I can add to this that aside from taking a "multi-vitamin" pill, taking B vitamins alongside it should also be very helpful against those wretched depressions.

Finally, she recommended going for walks in the weekend (especially if I could walk in the woods). I knew the value of this already, but again, I sometimes need some kind of extra motivational factor to actually get myself out there.

I've been outside today, but I'm planning to make new efforts to make a habit of going for a walk during weekends. I just need to think of something creative to occupy my head with while walking, so I don't end up thinking of bad things that throw me into a rage.

All in all, today has been a very positive, productive and good day for me, and attending meditation sessions on Wedneysday evenings seems like a very good leisure time 'amusement'.

And by "productive" I mean that I did a lot of work on my "professional" animation assignment (mentioned in a previous blog), and actually was able to evolve and implement a few very good ideas that massively improved the animation. I had had some trouble figuring out what exactly to do with it in order to take it from being "simple and generic" to actually being "interesting".

Hope my blog ends up being helpful.


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