So, today going out for coffee, I came to a realization that really isn't a revelation but was quite funny to me. First off I would like to start by saying I am not racist, but the stereotypes do play a role in my day to day life. I have badroad rage. So natuarally everyone who holds me up on the road are asian. This is not always the case and it really isn't fair to say. I live in waterloo ontario, everyone here is east asian. lol. But none the less it is a known stereotype, asians can't drive. I justify these things in my head buy saying that they are from another contry with different driving rules. Its not their fault that they are not magnificant drivers. Other times I say mean things because I'm angry. But back to this morning. I get my coffee and I pull back out onto the street and stop at the first red light. I started looking around my car and noticing that it was kinda dirty from winter goop. Lost in my gaze I hear a beep from behind. I look up and the light had changed, as I look behind me through the rear veiw mirror I see a little asian lady smiling and peaking ove the dash of a compact car. I waved and had to laugh. At that moment I realized that I spend so much time focusing on the bad drivers on the road that I fail to see that I to make the same mistakes. The problem I and most people have in life when it comes to anger directed towards others is or failure to see our own mistakes. When we see ourselves as humans who make mistakes than it becomes easier to see others as mistake making humans. When we try to justify all that we do and beat others down for doing the same thing it creates a gap between you and them open to speculation and judgement. I sometimes go as far as to say that I built the road (I actually did) so it gives me the right to cut others off. When they cut me off I simply say they are bad drivers. Thats insane! I try really hard to stop myself from being the ass hole that I am. I guess the point here is that when I see myself as someone who makes mistakes its easier to forgive others for theirs. Try this out and see if it works for you. I hope you can laugh at your self for the things you do wrong as I did this morning. It actually felt really good :")

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  1. hausmank 11 years ago

    Oh you want to talk about bad drivers?? come to NYC! They are all from another country so it\'s a free for all trying to change lanes haha. Driving in the city makes me get my aggression out and also gives me anxiety all at the same time. It\'s a rush trying to beat a taxi cab before i have to get over in his lane. I just believe if they are all bad drives, it entitles me to be one too! I take full blame for my bad driving haha

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