I have been going through some old family photos and I came across a few pictures of my grandpa, my mom's dad. I hardly know him because I am never around him. When my mom was in college her parents got divorces because my grandpa was cheating on my grandma, he would later marry one of the women he cheated with. My grandma turned to drinking, my aunt and uncle still lived in the house so they saw what was going on. My grandma has now been sober for 30 years or so, she is one of the grandparents I am closest to and she recently got married to a wonderful man who treats her nice and takes her on amazing trips around the world. For most of my life I watched my grandma work hard for everything, she lived in small apartments but still gave what she could to others. Now she is living a life I had always dreamed for her to have and I am so happy for her……..Now about my grandpa, he actually isn't really a "grandpa" to me, he is a man that was once married to my grandma. While my grandma lived in a tiny apartment and worked, my grandpa lived with his new wife in a wonderful house and she decorated the house with wonderful expensive things. We never really went to visit him but when we did it felt like going to a strangers house, he never tried to get to know me or my sister. My mom tried to make a relationship with him but he just won't make an effort. I have recently found out that he was emotionally abusive to my mom, grandma and aunt, and physically abusive to my uncle. My aunt holds the most anger against him because she is the youngest and saw most of the abuse. Recently my mom had been having some arguments with my grandpa over the phone, he told her that he was sick of her and to have a good life and hung up, she hasn't talked to him since. I have so much anger for this man and many other stories about him that add to my anger. I feel like writing him a letter telling him how angry I am but I feel it I do that he might retaliate in a bad way and I don't want that. Does anyone else have family issues like this?? What do you do about the anger? Thoughts and help are greatly appreciated.:)


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