I slip the knife under

A repeat of last summer

I love pleasure and suffer pain

It has a greater purpose, as does rain


I pull hard and hit fast

But the peace doesn’t ever last

There’s always a world to wake up to

One that I now know how to get through


I run into your arms

And show you my scars

You hold me until I close my eyes

Dopamine high


I wake up to see you watching me

You smile, eyes as deep as the sea

Cause when I’m with you, I like to pretend

That I won’t ever cut again.


  1. mindjitsu 5 months ago

    That was beautiful, Aquazium. You must be such a loving person, to write that. I find myself starting to write too. For me this writing stuff is all so new. But it helps me get through.

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    • Author
      aquazium 5 months ago

      Thanks:) I guess I am loving, though I’m mostly just worried about hurting people.
      I’m glad you’ve been able to write as well, I like it because it gives me a way to express my darker thoughts without getting judged for them:) Art is art, after all.

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  2. adenroy 5 months ago

    A beautiful, passionate, tragic and hopeful poem. If you have someone in your life who understands, accepts and unselfishly helps you – there is no greater love. You are fortunate and you are loved. Focus on the positives, and, as for self hurt, be patient with yourself, don’t blame yourself. Find help, if you can, or someone to talk to about this. You have a future, and Hope … never stop believing.

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    • Author
      aquazium 5 months ago

      that was a very poetic comment to read. wow. you never stop believing, either.

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