Well today makes the 6th day I've had this flare going on.  It's my fibromyalgia acting  up.  When the weather changes which is has been going up and down and I'm exposed to it then I go into a flare.  All my symptoms get ten times worse than they already are and there are no pain medications that will even touch this.  Every nerve, my muscles and my skin are all on fire and even the smallest movement will set off the muscles, I twisted this morning doing something and my back spasmed so bad I couldn't move and crawled to the bed.  I had to go out to get more medication I refilled and the cold set off my nerves like the nerve endings are right at the top of my skin and when something blows or brushes against my skin I scream it's that sensitive!  I've got my 3yr old grandson here and I've asked  him not to grab onto me but sometimes he forgets and my God it scares him when I scream and I have high pain tolerance!  I can sit here and type as long as I don't move much but after a while my hands begin to get jumpy and touching the keys hurts my fingers.  I've been going into chat because I need to listen to others to try and get my mind off me.  I wanted to tell everyone last night but I changed my mind don't want to come across and wanting attention but I did want to tell  someone who might understand and I did find that person, they have something similar to the FM so they know what I'm going thru.  I could use a huge hug but I can't even do that.  I feel better now that I've gotten that out of my system….the flare can last anywhere from a day or two to a week or two and I'm hoping since it's been 6 days that it will end soon, please end soon before I go mad….

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  1. ancientgeekcrone 13 years ago

    I listened to 2nd opinion on PBS from Howard University.  They were talking about how difficult fibromyalgia is to diagnose and worse yet. how to help people suffering with this syndrome pain free enough to enable them to satisfactorily engage in their daily activities.  I do not have direct experience with this and never suffered to this degree, but I wish you respite from it. 

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