Ive been off here for a while, Ive been going to my doctors but also just saying screw it and living whether it be playing with a Bullwhip and cracking it at cans or going for walks with my son, I have also been treadmilling about 3 miles a day at the local gym. My last lab results were intersting, I went from 500 tcells to 815 and still ud. It is probably because of all the exercise says my doc but my triclicerides are too high so I need to work on that. I still live in one of those environments wheree verybody wants to know your situation because well, basically they have no life themselves. My buddy and I used to make stupid videos 10 years ago and then get bored and off to the bar when work was slow. Now my bud is most likely dead from all the alcohol abuse and stress as a tilesetter. I took the last few months to write a book about my life,, the crazy twist and turns, the nonsense Ive dealt with and the final acceptance of how it is versus what I wish it to be. My finances suck, my car is still running and takes me wherever but Ive also got a child who just wants to have fun….its not my time anymore, which is why I wrote the autobiography of my life, of abuse as a kid both physically and mentally, the beatings we endured from a sadistic stepmother, growing up in a biker town, my fathers jump 200 feet to his death, my two marraiges, drugs and near death experiences , my years of surfing semi pro and my times of homelessness. Recently a friend of mine in San Diego called me and sent me a picture of the beach we used to surf as 17 year olds. I hadnt heard or seen him since 1980 and he said he thought about me often and saw me on facebook with my picture of me surfing in 1985. He said we were totalling rippin the waves back in the day and we were the pioneers of shortboard sufing when 360s on a surfboard were just being figured out. We were surfing and doing aerials back then and nothing in the sport has changed that dramatically. I told him I had been sick but not my aiment just that I had had menegitis which almost took me out.. Nevertheless he said I pulled through for a reson, to keep pushin on, he was also around when my dad jumped off the Coronado Bridge and remembered the sh** I went through. So everything does come full circle whether u are rich of poor, its the experiences you have that mold you and I have a boatload. So, in closing this is why I havent been around much, I guess Im too busy, as life makes us…Dave


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