I sometimes compare myself to others because I feel like they have an idealistic life and they have a better life than me. I feel like some girls are prettier and are always happy. When they’re happy, I’m sad because I feel jealous and I feel like they have it so much better than me. I sometimes get depressed because I think that my life is not that interesting as others. When I look at social media, everyone seems to have the perfect life, but I don’t know what they are truly going through. Of course, I don’t let comparison get to me that badly, but it sometimes disrupts my own happiness and life. I keep in mind that God has given everyone a different pathway and life and that he gave us different gifts to use in this life. yeahh. what do you guys think about comparison and comparing with people online and in life in general?

  1. jessiie 5 months ago

    I know exactly how you feel! I am bad for comparing myself to other girls online. I have low self esteem as it is and it gets worse when I see how beautiful and successful these other girls are. We just have to remember that we are all beautiful and that it doesn’t matter what others are doing in their life, it doesn’t make them any better than us. As long as we are happy with where we are and who we are that is the main thing

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  2. Author
    huhbora 5 months ago

    thanks for understanding! 🙂

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  3. lunaperez 5 months ago

    I get it…it’s so hard to not compare my family with someone else’s family. Sometimes I tell my friend that she is lucky to not have any problems with her parents or siblings. It’s exhausting for me having to deal with family problems and stress but I hate being selfish and making everything about me. So I’m trying to stop comparing our lives or I’d lose her too.

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