So I came out to my best friend that I was “not straight” and he was find with it. Then after summer came a long I have started to acquire feelings for him, and as we kept hanging out the feelings got stronger and stronger. Then I realized I have fallen in love with him. It would pain me to have conversations with him about getting him a girl friend and which girls was hot or not. I finally told him my true feelings and how I felt. Now he has become distant and doesn’t want to hang out with me on 1 to 1 basis anymore. This lead me to almost taking my life. (Was rushes to the ER after taking 30 Tylenol) then after a long talk he finally admitted that he was apprehensive about us hanging out. Idk why I’m here or why I’m posting this. But I feel like I needed it to get off my chest and want to know other people opinions on my situation.

  1. sullengirl76 3 years ago

    Hi Olukasn. It could be that your friend was raised to fear “becoming” homosexual, or maybe he just fears his own feelings and what that could mean for how he perceived himself. In any case, please don’t pin your self worth on someone else. (I know -easier said than done.)

    I think you are brave for sharing who you really are, and for sharing your feelings with him. Don’t let one person’s fear infect you. (I know – that is *also* easier said than done.)

    Please take comfort in knowing that you are certainly not the first to be in this situation, nor will you be the last. And also – he’s actually kind of cool for not (a) totally cutting ties, and (b) reacting violently. Sometimes people – especially guys (for some reason) – react that way to a friend coming out to them. Maybe there is hope for the friendship – once your friend gets his head around the fact that one cannot catch “the gay!” 🙂

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