Today I would like to talk about your safety person. Most anxious perople have one. for alot of us its our mother of partner, for others its a Dr or close friend. All in all we deppend on these people, whether its to be beside you at all times, to call when something is wrong or to talk you down when you are anxious. First of all tell that person you appreciate them! These people do not have your disorder but they deal with all of it through you. They need a recharge too! They are there for you when ever you need them, thats pretty kewl of them! Sometimes they get frustrated with you, sometimes they seem pushy, sometimes they try to avoid aspects of your life. What you need to understand is this person does not know your thoughts it may be very hard for them to understand. Don't lash out at your safety person. Thank them, be understanding to them as you would like for them to be to you. Today is HOUG a safety person day! lol With that being said, you need to realize as long as we lean on these people directly we are not actually facing our fears and problems. Let a little slack in the line. See yourself as a small child moving further out of moms sight. You remember back when you got your first bike and everday you would travel a little further from your house. It was our sence of adventure that pushed us out there, Try to create that again. Know that your safety net will always be there waiting for you and move your self further and further away. Independance is a wonderful thing. Being strong and on our own brings a sence of power. You want to feel like this, we all do. So try a little at a time. Think of what bothers you and try to do it anyway. Back when I used a safety person I would ask them to go places and leave me by myself. I would start with that person leaving for 20 knowing where they where going, then for an hour, then longer. In time I never needed to know where that person was and never needed them near me. I learned that the world was a safe place because I carried my safety inside me. That person was just a symbol of safety. There was nothing that person could do with a confused mind in a scary situation that I couldn't preform better with a body full of adrenaline. Remember, your body is always ready for a bad situation. If I was getting mugged I would want a whole crew of anxious people rather than my mother and old asian dr LMAO. Try to be more independant, get away from the normal safety net. You know its there if you need it,its ok to travel further from that place. Good luck :")


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