I have a hard time keeping friends out of school and sports. I love making friends but it seems like no one is interested in me out of school and sports. In school I have a lot of friends and I help everyone but I feel like deep down I have no one to confide in. I’ve had a few friends out of school but they end up ignoring me or just ghosting me. And advice on how to make friends that’ll talk to me out of school and sports?

  1. healing1234 2 years ago

    hey, it can be hard making friends sometimes. I can’t speak for everyone but for me I try and compliment others and try to spark a conversation. I’ve also made most of my friends through friends friends. To have friends that talk to you outside of school and sports try getting their social media’s and just having random conversations. Ask them if they want to hang out after a while if you feel comfortable 🙂

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