It is going on 9 months since my Daddy passed away. I was close with my dad. It has been really difficult for me. I write about him every now and then just to help me deal with it all.

I honestly am not sure if alot of people can relate. I know not everyone has good realtionships with their parents and that in itself saddens me. I would give anything to have my dad back and my mom.

With that being said. When my daddy passed away last June I had quite a few members on here give their sympathy to me.  It is hard when someone loses someone they love. I have seen other members on here lose ones they love be a child, parent, sibling. I know not everyone on here gets along, but as for me if I see someone on here write about someone they lost, even if I may not be friends with that person I give my sympathy to them, I ask if there is anything I can do. I try to be the bigger person.

I have stepped up and have befriended people who I may have had issues with that have said back to me, " I would have never done that, I am too stubborn".  Only to have them not talking to me again. I really don't care,but am just making a point. I have been the better person alot of times and I am proud of that.   I have learned to let things go,and refuse to keep fueling the fire.  As in real life not everyone gets along be at a job, school,whatever,that is just life.  But for god sake if someone loses someone try to be the better person. I have and have seen others do it (not fror me though).. Oh well.. It has showed me what certain members on here are really like and what they are made of inside.

  1. ancientgeekcrone 12 years ago


    It may show you what they are like, or it may show their level of maturity ( immaturity) or just how bottled up or miserable their ocd makes them.  People who come from a miserable place are often so full of misery that they have no compassion to spare.

    Compassion feels good both to give it and receive it.

    When I first started reading your blog, I thought I was going to have to remind you that grieving takes as long as it takes, no dead lines.  Instead after reading your blog I found out you have discovered the power of compassion and are urging others to do the same.

    Compassion is the universe's secret strategy  (weapon) for facing life.

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  2. rq5738 12 years ago


    Not been on here lately but I know how much you miss your dad.  Hang on to all the good memories and know he's watching you.  You are a caring person… stay strong and be happy.



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