The fact is the former person I was involved with didn’t treat me well, and major other red flags were spotted…

I moved on and married someone else. I am not in contact with the former person.   

 I think fondly of him (former person.)   I worry about his health, happiness and possible stress in his life….  I would be willing to take care of him if he ever had a health problem…. If he ever needed me…

Some times, he crosses my mind many times a day and others for a once a day….

Time heals all (the saying goes) but the fact is even though I am married  and don’t cheat on my husband….  I have fond and loving thoughts wishing the former person well….

Yet, the person didn’t cherish me when I was in his life but I care about him still from far far away.. I walked away for good reasons…. I just forget about them when I feel sentimental….like right now   My heart hurts and may always ache for what might of been if he would of treated me better… I really did love him and I think I still do as a person…. Yes, sentimental right now.


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  1. rainbowarcher 4 weeks ago

    This is healthy, so long as you don’t let it consume you. If your thoughts and feelings are for the betterment and wellbeing of this person, and not hopes or “what ifs” about being with them, then that makes you a kind and compassionate person.

    My most recent ex (I cut off contact completely about a year ago) is not someone that I would ever consider being with again. Our relationship was toxic, and he used my insecurities and lifelong trauma-based habits against me. I was physically abusive towards him. Now I’m in a relationship with someone who understands my history without using it against me. Even so, my ex was an integral part of my life. Even though I want nothing to do with him, he still comes up in my thoughts fairly regularly, and I hope that he is able to grow in the same way that I was.

    Love comes in many forms, and it’s okay to love an ex, in the sense that you still want them to be happy and fulfilled, even if it’s not with you.

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