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Lately… as i listen to some of my favorite songs they are starting to make me cry once again, and usually the music i like to listen to makes me feel glorious inside and its inspiring to be alive and breathing in this world.. and a whole lot better most of the time, but at other days i seem to have no choice, or no control at other times as music will/can also can also be one’s downfall to bring your true feelings out your inner shell and act like something related to a human being with actual feelings but in my gut those feelings we are all told to bottle up because otherwise you are WEAK..but as it is they are coming out, in our true realistic form we all should be letting go of all this extra baggage more or less life would be more glorious and enjoyable, and we are better off not holding onto them because doing this just makes a person feel alot worse, Since i have no serious issues about crying, I can’t help it anyways and besides i don’t want to look like a blubbering mess because of the way i feel in my life at the moment, and it seems most of the time since i have so much time to myself that’s what i would be doing as long as my body would let me get away with it. Well the body is like anything else in the world you can only have so much of something, sleep, crying, sex, whatever comes in quantities..we all get a serving of it..Right?… Mainly I guess why one would becomes a loner, solitude is their best friend, they keep just enough people in their existance to know they are not crazy because someone would surely sooner or later spill the beans as to "Something’s wrong with you" . Well as i see it right now I never knew songs like "mr lonely- Akon" "don’t let it end – The Styx" "Welcome To My Life – Simple Plan " and others the list goes on and on, but how some days could these songs i have come to love make me feel like crying, the Mr Lonely song it about a guy, who cheated on his gf and she left him, not about a mom whose been seperated wrongly from her kids because society and an ex won’t allow her to be involved with them unless they choose to be. Isn’t it Ironic how just a song about being an ordinary random human being ( or in my case nobody), or to go on saying anyone guilty about any big or small mistakes they’ve made, or about being wrong and sometimes right about any actions taking in one’s life, upset at everyone and the planet about things happening to solely or so you think, sad about the way the world truely is and how unfair it seems if you stop and think about it, or to be mad at certain people or events that never leave your thoughts because they make you miserable (its not easy to just broom these thoughts out as others would think), when you want to be revengeful on an ex or an organizations for what they have done to you but you can’t carry out any sort of plans to help this action because that would be wrong, to go through your own existance more angry at yourself because your being punished for something that society keeps inflicting on your head, like your some common criminal.. Or just random people, right down to someone you don’t even know, but who’ve hurt you in some way along your path in life not sure which direction the finger should be pointing in *You or Them*.. in this situation i guess good people blame themselves, whether its their fault or not.. one’s who want pity whethered deserved or not blame others, just being slow ( or in this lovely world more or less say a few fries short of a happy meal) these sorts are out there in the world and do exist, they can’t always help being that way but they live with it..i guess… well what i’m saying is not following the game of life like the rest of the world what a crime for these certain people.. and god forbid whatever might happen to this sort of individual, once upon a time naive is a terrible word to be labeled on a person we live in a survival of the fittest and it also has to do with your head/mind if this isn’t up to par then you’ve definately lost that battle, " stupid is as stupid does as the saying goes" , There are us who are very passive and to the extreme of doing harm to other people, these kind do pay a heavy price why does the rest of the world get to use foul language to express how they feel and get away with it while any kind of harsh actions done solely but oneself gets that person in so much trouble, but if u also do nothing you pretty much get the same penalty. So how? HOW? Does one fight back really? after all is said and done… Hmmm.. Well Venting Terminated.. For Now.. Toddling off now.. THANKS FOR READING..


buh bye


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