My Great White CD, Recover came yesterday. The problem is that I sent off for it a month ago, and the company said something about a shipping error or something. Oh well, I had a lot of other music to listen to until then, including Fall Out Boy, Good Charlotte, Live, Lupe Fiasco, and In Flames.

Yesterday really sucked. Mom and Dad worked on the bathrooms all day because we’re going to have some repair dudes come by today and they’re going to put this stuff on our walls so our bathtubs don’t mildew anymore. Guess what the bad news is. Yep, we won’t have access to our showers for FOUR DAYS! And it’s getting hotter every day outside, and I’m working as a courtesy clerk for two of those four days so yes, I will be getting very, very stinky this week.

Go me.

But there were other things yesterday. Mom got me to take some stuff to Goodwill, and there was a crapload of traffic at the time. Well some idiot pulls out into the center lane from a side road and leaves the back of their car sticking out into our lane, so the guy infront of me slammed on breaks and then swirved. I barely avoided it as I swirved into the other lane, but I came really close to DYING yesterday because we have so many idiots on the road! All to take some stupid shit to Goodwill!

So I get home and I’m pissed about it, and Mom gives me another “come to Jesus” talk about it, another one of those “you don’t do enough around here while we bust our asses for you” thing like she always does. I’m getting sick of it. I’m also getting sick of how much she talks on the phone. I swear she gets done with one person and then another person calls her. By noon she’s already talked to 10 people on the phone!

Finally, I’m getting sick of having to ask permission to do anything around here. More like having to explain myself. If I’m going outside, I have to go and tell them what I’m doing. Going somewhere is one thing, but going out to get my CDs out of my car, I don’t feel like I have to go tell them that’s what I’m doing. I’ve tried not telling them and going outside and of course they start freaking out like I’m about to go drive off without telling them what I’m doing.

Sunday when we got home from Church, I went and got a hammer to drive some nails into my wall so I could hang up a pirate flag I got from Fort Gaines a few days ago. Well as soon as Mom sees me with that hammer, she google-eyes me and asks me what I’m doing, like I’m about to go beat the shit out of someone or something (of course she was on her cell phone too, as I mentioned earlier, she’s always talking on the phone). Once again I had to “explain myself”.

Well she acts like I’m going to miss having to do that when I get my own place. I doubt it. I really do.

Another thing that happened yesterday, that watch I got from Sears decided to crap out on me. I’ve only had the thing for a month and it’s being dumb. I’m going to take it sometime soon to see if it can be fixed or if I’ll have to get a refund. I was going to take it today but Mom already “claimed” my car so she can go off and I’ll have to stay here while the workers are here.

I’m so fucking pissed, too, because it’s a Sears brand, for one, but also you know I bought this and then Mom and I went to the outlets in Foley. I could have had a Fossil watch, I really wanted one, but I got something else, and now it’s crapping up on me.

Anyway, I tried to take it to Wal-Mart to see if they could figure out what was going on, and the bitch there wouldn’t even look at it because I bought it from Sears instead of Wal-Mart. I just wanted the battery changed in it, that’s all I asked for.

Sears has a 90-day grace period, and I found the reciept so I’ll be able to take it back to see what’s going on. Might have to get a refund.

The people haven’t come yet but we’ve hired some workers to fix the walls in our bathtubs so that they won’t mildew anymore. Of course, that means we won’t be able to take baths/showers until Saturday. So I got up at 7:00 this morning, took my last shower of the week, and then went back to bed until 10:00.

Just now Mom wanted me to print out my dad’s license, and our printer is out of ink once again. The problem is that it’s an older model, so you have to go out to like Office Max or Office Depot to get ink for it. So what I did was I sent it to Matt and asked if he could print it out at work.

Mom wants me to hook up the printer that came with my laptop to our PC, but I’ll do that later. Our printer runs out so often that it’s crazy.

Anyway, I’m done ranting I guess.


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