So HOW do I tell my wife that I am tired of her total domineering crap? You know I do work most of the time 10 to 16 hour days and she is alone most of the time bcause she has driven off most of her friends because of her dominate mind set. In her mind she is the only one who knows any thing because shewatches news all of the time…. but most of the time she is wrong…. and when you correct her she takes offence to it… so no one will correct her and those that do well they don't come around any more. I am getting to the point that I can not stand to be any where around her because of this. This weekend has been a complete crap fest… I worked all week and come home to roof repairs, car repairs, cleaning cars, she emptied out a closet in one of the bed rooms and threw it all out in the driveway… so I took it to the dump after loading it by my self… and still she did not want to do the dishes from dinner so I had to do them….. she emptied the closet out and set several things in my room.. I already have very little space and with this crap well I have even less…. she has control of the house and the finances… so I work for nothing… I am getting out of this she does not care about me she basically did not even say happy birthday to me for my birthday she through a little pouch she had made for me at me and left me for her bed room I am nothing to her so why am I still here??? It is going to cost me everything to leave but in the long run at least I will have my self respect back because I have nothing and have worked sooo hard for her and she can only tell my mother what I did not do for her…. and yet she told my mother she treats me like a god… I am tired and need some type of a reality check for her….sorry I am very confused at this time and don't know what to do about it..

  1. Deeprhatt 10 years ago

    Thank you shatered Crystal… I do feel the same way…. and feel as though the inner peace is what I am looking for… I have not seen it for years and feel as though the person I was becoming before I got married was found then after the marraige well I myself am lost and hope to find me again…. I am a happy person for the most part but I am affected by my surroundings and for the past many years it has been very negative energy… I need the positive…. Thanks for your comment

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  2. Deeprhatt 10 years ago

    Thanks Liz223, We did have kids but they have all moved out. They come over on a regular basis and eat food when they have none…. I never have a problem with that because they are my kids after all…. but for an hour after they leave all she does is complain about them comming over and eatting her food… She has some issues and for the most part so do I but at least I can admidt mine she cannot…. and will not….. it is a sad story on her part…because she will blame me for everything instead of actually taking on the responsibility of what she has done to our life together… Thanks for the advice….

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