well dont no where to start really its been an odd wk. worried about a friend who has in the past made herself sick and i think she may be doing it again she is obbessesed with the thought that she is fat which is quite hard to listen too especially when i feel so crap about myself and hate my own figure and weight, then i found out one of my other friends has started to self harm.

i want to warn her away from it but i find it so hard to talk about the words just literally stick in my throat. i no what its like to self harm ive been doing it for the last 5 yrs tho not so frequently atm but its all i think about. i dream about think about it all the time and have really bad urges at the mo im holding off but dont no if i can for much longer things are getting to me alot.

i just feel so lonely atm, im struggling to deal with my sexuality atm and i feel i have no one to talk to about it. ppl at uni no my orientation but no one at home does and sometimes im so confused about my sexuality too its getting me down bit cos i want to talk to someone but got no one. and im not looking forward to 2 of my gd friends moving to diff parts of the world.

 uni work is really stressing me out im in my 3rd yr and im so scared of failing, im finding it so hard to keep up to the level that is expected of me not just by the uni but by my family and myself, im so scared im going to fail.

 wow is there anything else i can waffle and talk a load of crap about?? well there prob is but i cant be arsed to go into now theres no point only me whining and feeling sorry for myself.


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