So my newest is suuuuppppeeerrr sick and he's teething so its like a double bleh. I feel so bad for him hes all pale and nose running and fever and sleepy and miserable. he woke up at 2am just crying and tossing and turning and then all today he was just battling that fever. His nose is so runny that when he snuffs his nose he gags on his snot. I hate seeing my baby suffer. It makes it so much worse when ther little cuz they cant tell you what they want only that they want to be held 24/7.

Well david basically slept all day so he wasnt much help but poor lil Dman just wanted mama cuddles anyway. I think it upsets him when D doesnt go to him. He always looks at him and mumbles why dont you love me. Dorian is still getting used to him. He never really got to bond with him. Thats not Davids fault tho. Damn deployment. I talked to one of the other army dads today. He said he missed out on the first year of both of his little girls…thats so sad :/ but thats Army life. Only good thing lately about the army is that Davids next duty station is in Hawaii. YAY!!!

haha we were just talking about wanting to go to hawaii…now we get to live there…um yea WIN!!!

Sucks tho i will be away from my family. but i was never really all that close with them anyways. wont make too much of a difference. except that my oldest is a result of an old relationship and moving to hawaii is goint to be a battle. uggg deadbeat dads need to think of the kid as a person instead of property…he never calls him and usually works during visitation. If i wouldve had more money i couldve faught for Full custody I hate being poor sometimes.


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