What kind of person can be so blind that they can't see how their actions are hurting others? Is he a narcicist, compulsive liar, sociopath or just a complete idiot?!?

Not only did he introduce his mistress to our kids, and not only did her daughter call our daughter her new sister (she had no idea these people even existed), he lied to our very smart 10 year old about their relationship. They're "just friends". She's too smart for that! She had the idea that this other woman was dad's girlfriend all figured out by the time they got home. When she asked my grandma why this was making me cry, she was given the hardest lesson I think she's had to learn yet about relationships. She was told that her dad broke her mom's heart. And of course that made her cry too.

Now I work in a very small lab. There are 5 of us all together, so of course we're close and everyone knows everyone elses life story. They're sympathetic and trying to be accomodating, but this depreesion is starting to affect my work. My manager mentioned to me yesterday that he's found several mistakes that I had made, which ended up costing him time and he had to stay late to finish up his own work. It's just stupid mistakes, but we aren't big enough to cover costly mistakes. We all have to be on the top of our game.

To top off an already crappy beginning to the week, my "husband" sends me a text this morning asking me to do him a couple of favors. When I say no, he gets mad and of course this upsets me too. My manager, while trying to help me and my productivity at the same time, suggests that I ask him not to contact me at work. This is a brilliant idea and I don't know why I hand't thought of it myself. He even said I could blame it on him. But I won't do that.

So I text my hubby. "Please don't text me while I'm at work. It's a distraction and could cost me my job. Thank you." His response? "Damn whatever"

He waited until I got home to ask why I was pissy with him. At least he listened for once. But here's the kicker… He has no idea why I could possibly be mad with him! None. So I basically told him to figure it out on his own. I'm done trying to explain common sense and courtesy to him. I've been doing it for far too long already.

So you know what he does!?! He puts a pitty post on Facebook saying how he can't make anyone happy and he's just going to drive of the next cliff he comes to. What!?! (He is not at all suicidal. It was a plea for validation only.) He's had an affair for the last 2 1/2 years of our marriage. We've only been seperated 4 months. Is it ok that he's bring a whole other family into my children's lives? And if he's so readily moved on, why should I be expected to do him any favors? OH! And did I mention that TWICE when they've gotten into fights, SHE has messaged ME on Facebook? Who does that?????

They go to scary movies together. He hates both scary movies and movie theaters. He takes her out to dinner at nice restaurants when all I ever got was complaining about the price. He takes more of an interest now in our kids since he's out of the house. Now he wants to learn how to cook. I couldn't even get him to help out when I was sick as a dog. What have I done to deserve this? Is there something so terribly wrong with me? Or is it him?

– WomanScorned 1/2/13


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