Well, it seems another typoed product got past him, past the customers 3 proofs and into print.  This typo had happened from before the big fiasco that I started these "Work Fail" posts about, but didn't get printed untill now.  I'd also like to point out that the word isn't even a real word, and is the first non dictionary word that I've misspelled durrinng my two years there.

So, what does my boss do?  Naturally he wips out an "employee Evaluation" conveniently filled out with every thing at 3 or lower (out of 5).  And especially a 1 on the zone he could nail me for 'spelling'.  Stating that I always misspell things.  Also, he stated that my "late" mornings were a nuiscance (the 'late' mornings being when I call in with diarhea and ask to come in the next hour) and also that non of the things that we've 'tried' have worked (the only thing we've 'tried' is him double checking my work. None of our other ideas were implimented.  Ever.). He followed that up with telling me these misprints are more expencive than they pay me (*cough* did I mention I only get $9/hour for 16 hours or less a week?).  His final thing was that they 'cant afford' me for my mistakes, and therefore fired me on the spot.

That day I took it as celebration "yay I don't have to give em a 2 week notice!".  I'm not inept, I know it was his wife's call to fire me for calling her out on her behavior.  And I also know that she'll talk trash about me to anyone she can gossip too.  If she can talk about her imtimate marital details in casual conversation, oh boy will she arm herself up with any little nit picky thing she can find about me.  I've pretty much become her new fodder for her "woe is me" story.

Following up on my newspaper job, it seems me coworker decided not to leave completely.  Instead she'll work 8 to noon and I'll work 1to 6 (or 7 depending on situations).  This means neither of us wwill be 'full time with benifits'.  I admit, i'm etreemly disappointed.  I didn't say anything, but yeah, I am.  I only work one or two more hours a week now instead of a full time job, with better pay, and benifits.  And lordy I could have used those benifits.

Well.. yeah that's the situation as it stands in 'the end'.  Though I will say one last rant:

If my boss's wife ever reads this: Yes, your councelor is an over paid yes-man who just keeps you on to keep the money flowing towards him. I know you'll never ditch him for proper treatment because you'd rather have a yes-man than actually getting better.  You like being a victim, you announce being a victim and you use being a victim to get away with whatever you wish. You are exactly what I'd never want to see in myself. I aplogize for telling you like it is, but since no one else will, I'll take all the crap you can throw at me.  I'd rather you see it blunt and upfront then never see it at all.  Cease our 'friendship' I don't care. You wanted to get better but never faced the music of your actions.  Hopefully what I did will be a wake up call and will get you moving to a better life than the stagnate coddling you've stuck yourself into.

Let me say that again:

Hopefully what I did will be a wake up call and will get you moving to a better life than the stagnate coddling you've stuck yourself into.

…….. ok I'm done.  -typos- and all.


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