ok what just happened.. I left this morning to pay some bills and went to visit my mom and she took me to lunch and to the indian casino for about an hour for a late bday gift.  But before I left to go down the hill I stopped by MY house where my daughter lives and my daughter gives me attitude because her grandma is here too and all she is wearing is undies and a t-shirt…as if I knew she was going to be half dressed whatever I didnt let that bother me even though she gave me attitude and didnt even say hi to her grandma she went to her room.  What gets me is I just get home and am watching the baby while my daughter takes yet another shower and while im feeding my grandbaby dinner my cousin calls me ( the only ‘friend’ I have) and she is all upset on the phone and wants to come over in the morning to talk to me and my daughter and I told her she didnt need to come over.. she told me that my daughter was crying on the phone saying that our mother daughter relationship is ruined and that I dont let her make her own mistakes with her baby.. umm I take care of the baby most mornings and my daughter sleeps when baby takes her naps i dont know how Im keeping her from anything and my cousin couldnt give me any examples.. I told my cousin she doesnt know what she is talking about..that she isnt here when i am getting verbally battered for no reason.. it could be i accidently bump into my daughter that will set her off..my daughter doesnt seem to mind telling me that i dont do everything for her because if I did I would be wiping her ass…I dont know why my cousin all of a sudden is becomming my daughters ‘friend’..but, then again she feels the need to be the ‘cool’ one… whatever… I cannot even believe what just went down.. I had the phone with my shoulder and feeding the baby and because I couldnt respond my cousin was getting upset with me.. what have I done today to be verbaly battered..nothing.. thats why its so outrageous that I cannot even get upset about it…my cousin hung up on me and I know my cousin she is out of her xanax and is freaking out right now because I didnt try to call her back…I cant take the drama today..Ive been good for 2 days now…no bad thoughts of hurting myself.. and even though alot of people may not read this, it just makes me feel better to vent… thats all good night everyone..my grandbaby is crying


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