I have been so depressed for so long…It seems like nothing will ever go right in my life..My husband is the only one working and its not paying our bills…My utilities are about to be disconnected and my children are going to be in the dark…my children deserve a better life….We live in a nice home that we are renting and i have nice furniture and everything but they need new twin beds because they have outgrown their toddler beds and school is about to start and i cant even afford to buy them any clothes or school supplies…My four year old is in speech and is on the border line of autism and then i have a five year old… I am pregnant with my third child and i cant even afford to have another child because i cant buy things that my two toddlers need and then not to forget the new born diapers and things i have to buy….We cant even pay these bills…they keep accumulating on top of each other and i keep trying to set dates with the darn bill companies to try to pay some of the bills and i still cant come up with the amount of money to pay the lowest amount on them…I wish i were working…I dont have any family…I was adopted and my kids dont have any family except for me and my husband…were all alone in the world with no one to hold out a helping hand….When i had a job i would help everyone and anyone but it seems like when i am in need and is struggling there is no one their to hear out my cries…this economy is so bad…I wish i had help…A friend..just someone to be there for me sometimes to lift me up when i am down but i dont….I cry almost all day because i am so overwhelmed and stressed out…I sometimes feel as if  I just hung myself or jumped off a bridge all of my worries would disappear…but i love my children so much that i couldnt leave them here in this world all alone without me because i am the only one that they have….they dont have grandmas,grandpas or no one just me and my husband….SO what do i do..who can i talk to…who is going to be my shoulder for me to cry on….no one…

  1. thebadkitty 13 years ago

    hang in there

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  2. vonne 13 years ago


    no I dont have any one and I tried government agencies already and the economy is so bad right now that no one can help me..Trust me I tried it all.. There is nothing wrong with hand me downs..my whole house is nothing but hand me downs from my grandfather but he passed away 6 years ago…My Husband doesnt have any family as well….Trust me i would love to work but i am not able at this time i already plan on getting a job after this baby arrives..I am a massage therapist….But thank you for the advice

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