hopefully the message got to you guys that my pc is buggered right now.  I have a new laptop but am waiting for some poxy disc to be sent to me from tiscali so i can set up the modem.  or summink.  sounds like i might know about computers right? wrong.  🙂

soon as im back online properly i’ll write a big shiny blog with added B vitamins and drawings.  Life is still throwing curve balls (is that the right term Americans?) but im dealing with it all really well.

The key things helping are reading a few good self help books nonstop, cbt therapy and some excellent pills that mean my pain is finally under control.

im facing my demons.  Im getting in contact with good people who deserve me in their life and politely backing off from the cocks that only added to my troubles the last few years.

Im still unsure what the future holds, i still sit on the floor and weep for 3hrs some days.  But things are getting better.

Jimmy eat worlds ‘in the middle’ gets a play every morning and replayed when the day gets tricky.

My new messages box stands at 107!!! :O  you guys have been busy!

I send love and comfort to those who need it  xxxxx cake to those who require it and a big old bouncy well done to all thos on the up. 

I’ll write very soon xxxxx







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