Yeah seeing as I haven’t been on much lately due to life I think I’m going to just post a blog on what’s been happening in my life lately instead of telling the like 10 different people who’re interested at different times.

Academic: Um. school has picked up hardcore. Finished one proposal today and have two more to get done on top of my presentations, final and marking papers/exams. To top it off my supervisors just decided it would be a good time to lean on me for not attending the departmental meetings (which trigger my attacks a lot).

Life: I’m planning a big medication change starting april 17. It’s going to be pretty intsense. Dropping the prozac all together and then quickly switching from effexor to cymbalta in hopes that I’ll stablize before my psychiatrist moves at the end of may. Also at the end of april me therapist loses her contract and won’t be available untill the fall again. Hence I’m loseing 100% of my social support pretty much just after I start going crazy with medication changes.  I can’t sleep at night cause i’m so worried about various things and I won’t go into it all now but suffice to say its a lot of random stuff. On the up side planning on getting a minature dachshund puppy end of july.

Relationship: My bf isn’t coming this summer. Pretty straight forward. I knew he wasn’t going to but I still hoped. He does plan on moving here in Jan but taking "time off". Of course he can’t because I make like negative money as is and he eats like 4x more than I do; not to mention I’m not gonna put up with him sitting on his ass at MY apartment with MY new puppy while I make ALL the money by working 24/7. yeah that just doesn’t work for me.

Summary: No i’m not doing good, yes I’m very upset, and no I don’t really care to talk about it.

Lots of love guys!!



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