So, today I go into work very happy and excited about the fact I have a date coming up.  Chris, one of the other managers, used to work with will so after there weren't any customers in the store I ask him to give me the lowdown on Will, the guy who asked me out. He asks if I like him or something and I say well I think he's cool and then he says "well I don't think his wife or kids would appreciate that."

 Wife… and kids?! 

So I told him it was Will that asked me to lunch.  He said he thought that was strange, maybe he just was being nice and wants to be friends, but he was being REALLY flirty and you just don't ask people to lunch that you don't know, ya know?  I was still kinda skeptical so I texted a girl I work with thats friends with a guy that works with Will and got the answer that yes he is.  I know I didn't do anything but I feel down right DIRTY. and it sucks.

So, I was talking to Alicia and making sure it wasn't just me that thought he was totally hitting on me, because I thought maybe I had just read him wrong.  She also thought he was totally hitting on me too.

So all night I was really bummed.  He's freaking married.  And I know maybe he just wants to be friends, but I don't know it just seems weird.  My gut is telling me don't get involved, esp with the way he was talking to me. And let me tell you from past experiences, never again will I have a thing with a married guy.  At least this time I knew before I started dating him… em0300

 Balls. And I was so excited too…


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