So, I am eight months pregnant and things have been pretty good. We are getting ready to have our second son and my families financial strain has somewhat been lifted with my husbands new job and my 3 year old is becoming such a big boy who is so smart and loving.  So why is it just when you think things are looking up and the storm cloud is clearing something happens. First, my husband was offered a promotion in his job (which don't get me wrong) is great! But, we would have to relocate to a different area which would be about an hour or so away from where we are now. The timing is not perfect because they want him there by Sep 1st and our baby is due Aug 25th. It is quite overwhelming to think I am about to have a baby take care of a 3 year old and pack up our house to move with no recovery of giving birth and all of this is supposed to happen in less than two months time. What the hell?? There are alot of things to consider with this move, my son in a new home, and pre-school with a new baby brother is one. Our family and friends are where we live now so we would have to develop a new support system. Baby sitters including my mom because she has been such a huge support with our son will no longer be as easy to access. So, I am stuck, i don't know what to do and how to accept this in stride and also I am scared of being alone with no support for myself. New baby, no friends and no family around me scares me that I will be depressed and sad. Any advise would be helpful because everyone around me doesn't want to see us go so I need an un-biased opinion. Whoever reads this, thanks for listening


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