ihave serious problems getting up in the morning, or at all. So much that it's one of the main things that ruins my chances in life.

(aim to get to sleep at about 9pm) it still takes me till about 1am but i'm getting there!!

In order of how well they work for me:

1. NO FOOD after 6pm. (unless yourreally hungry then eat something little becausehunger prevents you from sleeping)But start eating as early as possible in morning.

2.A GRADUAL alarm system rather than one that gives you a horrible freight and you have to turn off straight away. For example a radio alarm that you can leave on or a dawn simulator.

3. No caffeine whatsoever. Even having it in the morning can leave lasting effects in some people for the whole day, depending on how caffeine tolerant you are and make it hard to sleep. Swap for decaf, decaf always has a tiny bit of caffeine left in it anyway if it helps wake you up.

4. clear your mind. Write down anything you need to do in a diary tomorrow so you don't have to worry about it. If it's something else you can't stop thinking about, write it down and find an answer/ talk about it if you have someone but not to someone whos going to make you worry about it even more. If you don't like writing things down,doing something creative to get it out canreally help. I get these creative overloads where if i havn't done anything creative in too long i get really wound up, maybe other people with depression are the same so please try it!

5. Tidy. Having a clearout, changing your room around andusing new bedding. Don't under estimate how improved your sleep could be when you enjoy the place your sleeping in.

6. OrganicValerian and chamomile herbal teas after 6pm to make you sleepy. (Valerian is more reliable). Have as many as you can.

7. Lighting. Dawn simulators or just opening the curtains/turning the light inwhen your alarm goes off, even if your going to get back to bed again it helps your body clock. buy thick curtains for sleeping in street-lit areas.

8. Relaxing zone. Your bedroom should be used for nothing stressful. Work relatedthings shouldn't be done in your bedroom or you'll feel the need to worry and start doing things. Try reading for as long as you can't sleep. Try tireing essential oils. A warm bath before bed helps too.

9. Excercise. Have a run in the fresh air as early as possible (but somewhere safe and well lit or get a massive and violent dog to protect you or something!). The worst part is getting yourself to do it. You'll feel rubbish but great at the same time but watch as the next day it will be easier to get out of bed. Do yoga in the afternoon/ evening but not too close to bedtime.

10. No spicy food because it seriously raises your blood pressure and makes it hard to sleep. (though it is good for you). try having it in the morning to wake you up instead of caffeine.

THIS WILL ONLY WORK IF YOU HAVE A REASON TO GET UP. whether work or fun. This is about knowing your directions in life and supporting yourself in getting there, not about preparing yourself for a tormenting life of sitting around, surviving in your comfort zone and thinking your only worth avoiding everything.


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