So I haven't been online for a while… Feels strange. Like revisiting somewhere you wanna, but don't wannabe… Sigh… Not much has changed since my last blog. Atleast itfeels like nothing has…A few events I guess, but who cares…Not that no-one cares in that sense. Just that no-one seems to care about much beyond "the present me".Honestly can't remember when last someone asked me about me. About anything other that how I am today. Not in real life, not online either… It feels like you journey through life, up & down, learn things, forget things, triumph in things & totally mess things up… And all anyone seems to minutely worry about is how you are today… Not the journey you've endured. The story behind the things that made you, you. It's like your entire past is worth no more than a thought. I can enter a tranced state & dream – fantasize to my hearts content. Get lost in imagination & paint my own world. Then reflect on my thoughts & it feels exactly like reflecting on things I've actually done in my past. So why did I do anything in real lifeif it's no different than a thought of imagination? Has my whole life just been a vivid dream? Is anything even real? What differentiates real from imaginary? Todays reality is all about ways to escape reality. So which is the true reality? What defines "reality"? I could ask Petabytes worth of questions & recive 1 Nanobyte worth of answers… No-one even knows what my favourite colour is.No-one knows much about me at all… Cause no-one could seemingly care less… No-one's ever bothered to wanna know – me… Am I the only one that cares about anythingdeeper than the surface?

Now I know there's always someone somewhere that can truely relate to whatever you feel. But the chances of ever coming into contact with that person is so obscure it'sinvalid. "Happy Endings" appearto be exclusive Disney content…


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