In life we start out so light
with ne'er a care or worry
but oh so soon are taught
to watch for every slight.

We are given a giant sack
and told to stop at every step,
collect the wrongs like rocks
and carry them on our back.

And so we go our way
doing as we were trained
barely even realizing
the sack gets heavier every day.

Then comes the time a storm
arrives in our life
with the wind and rain of real pain
making us wish we were never born.

With the sound of thunder
the waters of grief rush in
rising ever deeper deeper
until alas – we are completely under.

Life as we know it is over.
There can be no future,
for the anchor of our beliefs
holds our head below the water.

Why ever can't we float?
What did we ever do
to deserve this fate?
Won't someone please send a boat?

The pain in our chest pounds harder
as we struggle for one more breath.
No one else can rescue us.
We are sure that life is over.

But at the moment that would be our last
the thought crosses our mind –
Why in God's name
are we holding on to this sack?

When we must or drown
we open our hands
letting go of our grasp
to that which drags us down.

Barely holding onto consciousness
we feel our self rising,
the pressure all around us
is feeling less and less.

Then all at once we see the light
as we find the forgiving surface.
The air has never tasted so good!
The sun has never shone so bright!

With gentle ease we float to the shore
and marvel at feeling so light,
a sense of freedom barely remembered
from before that sack was borne.

We step on land, kiss the green
grass freshly watered by the rain,
with gratefulness in our heart,
knowing well that heavy load
need never be carried again.


  1. Aswa 10 years ago

    Beautifully said.  Did you write it?

    Peace, Aswa

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  2. HoneyBunny 10 years ago

    Hi Jim, your beautifully written words certainly apply to me.  Throughout my life, I've often felt like this overwhelming burden is weighing me down.  But, it seemed that if I released the burden….I'd be considered "weak," and irresponsible.  You are quite a talented writer.



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  3. cgent7 10 years ago

    Thanks Aswa and Honey. Yes I wrote it…..and lived it. To be honest I don't feel a bit guilty or weak for setting it down. Rather more like waking from a bad dream and appreciating being alive again.

    All the best to you on your journeys.  Life gets better, hang in there.:)


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