Recently, I just got out of a relationship. His last words to me were,

“I gave you so much of my heart that when i started feeling this way i was scared to take it back. I was scared you would just throw me to the ground use me no matter who i talk to no matter what i did everyone fucken use. I was scared of you using my private things against me. Its my fear of become friends and dating anyone.”

Less than a week before, this boy told me that he wanted to marry me, and have 2 kids, get a house in the mountains, and have 3 dogs (one of which he already owns). Then breaks it off with me the next week? It doesn’t make any sense, but I went along with it. It has now been 2 weeks, and I am slowly healing. But who knew that broken heart syndrome was a real thing? It’s where your heart literally slows its beating and your brain automatically converts that strong emotional pain into physical pain. It sucks. But slowly, I’m on the path to healing.


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