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(I will preface this with, i am not attacking ANYONE in particular…its just a generalized feeling i've been getting over the past 2 or so weeks. )

I've noticed that alot of people on here have been either offending others or being offended by what some ppl have to say. First off i'd like to say that this site is for support for ppl w/ anxiety/ptsd/depression. No one knows what the trigger is for one another. Some ppl are insecure about their relationships, their feelings being discounted, morbid images, ect. But from both sides of the platforms…we need to all try to realize we are a mess of ppl who come from a VARIETY of backgrounds and upbringings. The ppl who are habitually offending need to step back and think to themselves…how can i try to not hurt the feelings of others…and the ppl who are getting their feelings hurt or feeling offended need to stop and ask themselves if the person who is doing the offending truely means it.

I admit that when certain topics are brought up and are used in a 'joking' matter. I dont see it that way. I try to let it go..try to let it roll off my back because its supposed to be 'a joke'. But…if someone says…please don't say that…thats not nice, ect…the person 'joking' should re evaluate the way sarcasam and joking comes across online. It isn't the same as when you are face to face w/ some one and can read tone and body language.

By no means by this blog do i want people to CHANGE themselves but just be more curtious to others feelings. This IS a site for those of us who are sensitive to topics, our self esteem is generally low and this should be a plce where we feel comfortable, safe and welcomed.

Oka, that is all. I will get off my soap box now. LOL

  1. lexi 13 years ago

    well said.

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  2. RecycleYourself 13 years ago

    you so smart. 🙂 but, really….you are completely right. thanks for saying something…i hope it gets through to ppl.

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  3. Freesome 13 years ago

    I'd like to borrow that soap box and repeat what you said.  Well put!

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