Perhaps…one day we were all better  no struggle and no question. Perhaps one day we all are accepted and we can just hug or kiss our boyfriend or girlfriend or partner without getting uncomfortable stares  but until then, I will settle for the smell of fresh rain and pinewood. I want to see every sunset because I want to sleep just a little longer , avoiding most sunrises. I think I could settle for the spray of a salty ocean breeze on a happy humid summer morning or the sound of music playing in the French quarter of New Orleans. Perhaps I could learn to ignore the hatred of people and learn to love what I can see. And say that I don’t understand why I am like this, and I really don’t, but say that I do not and I will answer I do not need to. I would like to understand why I have more or less rights to something than the man sitting on the street does or why I have more love than the man walking in front of me does, but I do not need to know why. I think I just need to know how to help them. I can help them now or I could wait but I will put myself before them in the instant they put their head on my shoulder Andy I will cry with them and tell them I will be there because sometimes things aren’t okay. And sometimes things won’t get better as fast a second they need them to. Our problems are going to stay with us but they will seem significantly smaller if we learn to look around us and see that we aren’t alone. There can be no one around and yet we can still feel alive. We are a beautiful species. One that is capable of many things, including the ability to heal ourselves. And this isn’t a “perhaps” matter. We can and we will heal. And I think that’s absolutely wonderful.


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