It's not that I didn't /try/ to enjoy my spring break.. and it was sort of okay I suppose, but considering I can't remember a lot of it, it's difficult to say anything about it other than how I feel now. I'm going to try to recap it.. if I can remember some of it.

Friday – I stayed the night at my best friend Roses house, on the first night it was just her, me, and her boyfriend. We just hung out for a little bit and then went to sleep, I slept on the couch cause.. well it's my couch :3
Saturday – We were still hanging out, but we also hung out with my friends Michael and Vince.. just hung out at Roses house and played truth or dare til like 2:30 in the morning or so when Michael and Vince left.. Rose and her boyfriend and I all stayed.
Sunday – Again all of us hung out. What happened though was Vince came to the house and Rose, her boyfriend, Vince, and I had to walk up to the skate park and we met Michael there and his friend Justen was with him.. Rose and her boyfriend got into a huge fight and ended up breaking up, cue the rest of the night being super depressing.
Monday – All of us hung out all day and I had to go home and stay the night at home cause mom was mad cause I hadn't been home all weekend. Oh and also my boyfriend Chris and I broke up after fighting literally all weekend.
Tuesday – Went back to Roses, all of us (Michael, Vince, Me, Rose) hung out again.. all day. Half the night. Vince and Michael left late, I stayed the night at Roses.
Wednesday – Chris and I got back together. Rose and her boyfriend got back together. Hung out with Rose, Vince, and Michael again. We went to the park and stayed there til like 8:30-ish, Roses boyfriend dumped her again, Michael had to leave and Vince left with him but came back a few minutes later. We went to Roses house and hung for a bit then came to my house, watched Spirit. Mom said Rose couldn't stay here, but then she let me stay at Roses, Vince stayed too.
Thursday – Hung out with Rose, Michael, and Vince all day. Nothing really super eventful. Stayed at Roses house til 10:30 then I had to go cause mom and I were going to the movies, midnight premier of Hunger Games.
Friday – Stayed at Roses again. MIchael and Vince hung out, can't remember most of the day.. Michael stayed the night with us.
Saturday – Chris and I broke up again.. Hung out with Rose and Michael all day, came home at 8 for my sisters cookout party thing, mom wouldn't let me leave again so I went to bed at 9.
Sunday – Today.. Hung out with Chris even though we aren't dating and don't plan to be for a while.. Now hanging out with Rose and waiting til I have to go watch my mom race.. if I go? Idk.


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