Most supermarket escalator side by side at the junction with the escalator, snacks and the like are used goods placed padding "danger zone" approach, to prevent children climbing danger. However, most shopping malls, cheap nike nfl jerseys supermarkets have ignored the danger of the escalator, "triangle", do not set a clear warning to alert the public safety.

"Elevator Supervision, Discount NFL JerseysInspection and periodic inspection rules escalators and moving walkways," the official implementation of the new national standard on the escalator "triangle" are mandatory, escalator handrails at the intersection with the outer edge of the floor or cross between an escalator set, you must set height of not less than 0.3 meters in closed guard. Escalator outer cover and the ground connection should be set anti-climbing device; cheap nike nfl jerseys Wholeasle

would all hang warning tag gradually replaced stationary tag, mandatory installation of the escalator equipment. Oakland Raiders #32 Allen nike nfl jerseysMeanwhile, the new standard also provides escalator gap between the plates and aprons must be installed to prevent accidents brush.

New specifications for escalators "triangle" has a series of mandatory. Wholesale mlb jerseys from chinaAt present, all hanging warning tag will be gradually replaced with a fixed tag, mandatory installation of escalators on all devices, all within a specified distance between escalators and escalators between the buildings are dangerous triangle being forced to install curved baffle, St.Louis Cardinals Blank Blue Cooperstown Throwback Jerseysis the popular "triangle" will be sealed, even if passengers will be obstructing the probe does not produce harm.

For escalators and "skirting" the gap between the new national standard has also made provisions. In these gaps, the installation unit must be installed to prevent accidents brush. Golden State Warriors White New Material NBA Shorts Another new national standard also stipulates, strollers, wheelchairs and other trolleys prohibits "driving" on the escalator. "If customers use the stroller must take the escalator or moving walkway, you can pick up the child, of course, it is recommended by accessibility elevator.


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    In reading this, I assume someone has taken some time to splice in all those nike and jersey ads….

    What\'s funny to me is that, if you are going to go to all that trouble…why not an EBAY address so you could at least get some business out of this advertising….

    If your point is to annoy, all you ever get is ignored, deleted, or in my case – laughed at.

    Thanks for the entertainment.

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