its 8 am,…now down to the very last day of my one week vacation, which i didnt enjoy due toconstant anxiety and depression, worry about money and just everything else in between. life is very hard right now. I cant afford to do anything, i have to pay bills late in order to have some money from one check to the other. i am looking for a second job, but no one is really hiring i am so tired of this, i would love the help of another, meaning a significant other, but i dont think the lord sees fit for that right now. endless days and nights of crying and worrying. i would love to see the positivity in all this but right now i cant. I need to leave and get away, i want to sell my house but my sorry family members dont think i should. why cant i think for myself, i bought the damn house myself..oh well i am so tired i am crying while writing this…i know i need to see a therapist but i cannot afford the co-pay, so i will continue to exist. I think leaving this sad life of mine in ga will be the best, i want to move, and this is the craziest thing, i am being drawn to Charlotte NC, dont ask me why? i just am..what is so outstanding about Charlotte, i dont know..whatkind of life will i have there, is it possible this could be the start of the life i oh so desparately pray about? can i find love in Charlotte? well i dont know, but i am trying my damnest to find i will keep u updated on that, but for the most part i will look for a job here in Ga because i desparately need one..thanks for reading


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