This is one of my stress related problems:

I feel like I can never get anything done. I worry so much, my anxiety gets out of control.


These are my symptoms of stress:

Racing thoughts, irritability, severe anxiety, upset stomach, mood swings, depression.


This is what I will do instead!


1. I will find at least 3 times a day to relax just for myself, by:

A. 15 minutes of quiet, alone time. Try breathing, and other relaxation techniques.

B. 20 minutes stress relief yoga.

C. 15 minute walk!


2. I will gain companionship and support (either in person, or by phone/internet) from one of the following people, each day.

A. Mother

B. Bryan

C. Mitch

D. Eric

E. Abby


3. These are the people who can help me with practical problems each day.

A. Bryan (can watch the baby and give me my moments of rest. Also help with tasks around the house when they become to overwhelming.)

B. Mother (can provide helpful advice, offer comfort.)

C. Mitch/Eric/Abby or other friends can offer a source to vent to.


4. When my symptoms of stress are particularly bad here is what I can do:

A. Deep breathing exercises.

B. Take a warm bath.

C. Take a walk.

D. Talk it out.

E. Write down what is bothering me.


This is when I will check on how well my plan is working.

-One week from today, December 10th.


This is how I will know if my plan is helping.

-I didn’t sleep in.

-Less panic.

-I calmed myself down when I got upset.

-Didn’t leave anything bottled up, got everything of my chest.

-Did something good for myself each day!




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