Trying to say that as I am overall optimistic, I never gave up on my dream that my future can be great and enjoyable. Being a father and having contact issues does not help the feel of things. Something that is not entirely under my controll. If I had regular and sufficient contact with my son then things would seem more straightforward. I will see where I get with this soon. At least hopefully I will know the deatails of the situation more and know what to do.

As always my life is a work in progress. The fact that it seems about 30% complete in terms of current content is a bit of a worry. Not sure what will happen regarding meeting a new partner. Maybe if I'm lucky someone will decide that they want to include me in their life for some reason, just I hope that it is permanent.

Apologies to anyone who my find my perspectives and advice a bit harsh. I mean well and sometimes there is no easy way to say things. At least in some areas of life I have had a lot of experience and met many different kinds of people. An ex girlfriend, sadly now deceased through breast cancer prematurely told me that she knew all the types. At the time I thought this a bit arrogant of her but I guess I see broadly what she means about people.

I do know that we all need to get through life somehow as best we can, deriving pleasure , benefits, growth and lessons including.self knowledge. I didn't invent the content of life though, or the process. Life does that itself and sorry if its hard sometimes due to the format and proceedure life takes. Fortunately there are apparently benevolent beings watching over us and guiding us, maybe even intervening at times. I know personally for example that I used to write my own answers and guidance from inner inspiration, so I guess theres something to it., ,

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    Thanks your your encouraging words


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