Some of you know i have been coming off Diazepam for several years now.

About 9 years ago i went to my doctor and asked for Diazepam as i knew it was the only thing that would help me, all other meds did nothing to ease the anxiety and panic. He agreed to give them to me as i said i knew what prolonged use of it would do to me (not knowing the withdrawal though).

3 Years ago i decided to come off it as it was not helping me anymore and just making things worse. Now i found out what a bitch it was to get off of it, within a few days i would start sweating, anxiety levels went through the roof, constant disassociation, visual distrubances and inabilty to focus on anything. Sometimes i would be shaking and around the 2 week point all hell would break loose, i would be hit with  panic attacks that would last for 5-6 hours and nothing i did eased it. For up to 12 weeks from a drop i would be constantly anxious and having 10 or more panic attacks a day.

This is how it has gone on all through the coming off of it although due to another med i was prescribed the last 2 have been easier.

Today i am free of diazepam and will never ever take it again. I am extremely pleased with myself for accomplishing this as i have been told by a doctor and psychiatrist that some people never get off it as it s too hard and that it is very like heroin withdrawal. It has been the hardest thing i have ever done and even though i have said lots of times "i am not doing that again" after a drop, i have stuck with it and overcome all obstacles.

A determined mind will ultimately win in the end.

  1. valdiegirl 13 years ago

    Your an inspiration,michael.Well done,and be proud of yourself.The best thing was,you have always had time to help others,although you have been going through hell,yourself.


    val xxx

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  2. dandy90210 13 years ago

     how much did you used too take mate??? its just that im worried now cause i have diazepam now!!





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