so in my gallery i now have a series of photos that i took of graffiti. the graffiti is not by me,i just take the pictures. it is some sweet stuff though. And the second update i did was of some (most) of my records. I am talking about vinyl records. some were passed on to me from my parents (well, technically i took them when i was 13, from the boxes in the basement, and my parents were kinda anal about it at first cuz i was a kid and they didnt want me to wreck all their old records, but eventually they would have been thrown away or ruined in the basement floods like the records i didnt take.

Some of them my grandmother gave me when she was moving that were my uncle's once.

the rest i have gathered over the years from yard sales, thrift stores, record stores, trashpicked or got from free piles, etc.

i love my records. i have at least 10x that many CD's.

i spent my life collecting music and now everything is mp3. But there is something special about putting on an old record and lighting a candle that you will never find in an mp3

i have a creative zen mp3 player. its true there is no more convienient and portable source of music than mp3 and if you have good headphones it'll sound good too.

i still love records.

i went to a wedding tonight. it was scary. i was totally anxious cuz i only know the bride, and it was at a castle estate in ipswitch mass.. i was wearing a shirt from Marshalls, George Foreman pants, a black tie from somewhere, doc martens and trash picked socks. i looked okay but i felt very insecure at first cuz this was like RICH people… really rich. i've never been to such a fancy event except for when i used to work as a gaurd at an art museum, i saw fancy events, but i was working, not a guest.

i found a few people to talk to though and i had a nice time. a pair of 5 year old boy twins and their 6 year old sister found me interesting and came and sat with me for a while. We talked about sledding. it was 80 degrees out, but the hills that this castle was on would be sweeeet for sledding. they told me they lived in new jersey and i asked if they drove here or took a plane and one of the twins said "well, we're lucky cuz our dad has his own plane, so we took that" and i was just like "WOW" heh. i kind of wish i couldve talked to the kids all night. i would not have been so anxious. i'm actually really good with kids. maybe cuz they dont make me as nervous. if they wanna know something, they will ask, and while they can be blunt like "why are you fat?" at least you know that in their head they aren't saying "eww, who is this fat person? he's gross. i wish i didn't have to look at him."  so kids cause less anxiety for me.

but yeah, i had fun at the wedding. i'm putting up pictures soontongue



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