Reading Montesino's blog on cliches re,minds me of a phrase that drives me crazy: "Take care." [br] [br]

At all 4 of the different therapists and psychiatrists I've seen, they all send you out the door with "Take care". Now, there's nothing wrong with these words. They are a nice sentiment! However, at those earlier appointments, where I was so anxious and so exhausted and so desperate for help, telling me to "take care" with a smile was like a slap in the face. [br] [br]

Can't you help me?! Isn't there something you can offer besides 'Just face your fear and the anxiety will go down'?! ("Your anxiety will go down" is another phrase I can't stand. Sure, the anxiety may go down but my whole world will be contaminated! I wanted to say…) [br] [br]

Besides that, I didn't think I would literally survive the week until my next appointment! So you've given me no help, I feel like I'm dying, and you smile and send me out the door with a measely "take care"?!?! [br] [br]

It was also knowing how I was just another patient. The therapist/doc's life goes on just fine… I'm just a To Do list item checked off. Lah di dah. It felt like such empty words, some kind of consolation prize worth absolutely nothing. Condescending even. Just brush aside my agony til next week, when again you'll offer me nothing. [br] [br]

Two years later, I'm in a much better situation. I'm fighting my fears on my own terms, and sometimes I even win! Every hour is no longer a struggle for survival. And I am immensely grateful! I'm not back to "normal" yet, but I am still working on it. [br] [br]

So why vent about this? Because I still to this day cannot write or utter those words to someone. I always have to think of a different way to say that expression, even when it's exactly what I'm trying to convey. The words "take care" now ring hollow for me. I want to give something better. [br] [br]

Now, don't worry about saying "take care" to me. I know it's meant well and coming from a good place. Besides, I'm not paying you to help heal me. [br] [br]

Stay strong everyone and try not to let the cliches get to you!

  1. Dragonwalker 9 years ago

     Gosh, I use that term all the time, but the way you write about the situation makes so much sense. "Keep going and I am here for you if you need me", would have been a much better sentiment for a therapist.

    I want to go to therapy too, but it is so hard to know if that particular therapist really knows what they are doing. Many psycologists are in it because they wanted to fix themselves or maybe they think making a lot of money talking to people is a good living. I need to know that I have a competent therapist that knows their job and how to help with OCD.

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  2. steelcitygirl 9 years ago

    Ha, cliches. I hate them but am also gulity of uttering them. I absolutely dispise "It will be okay." UGH. Really, how do you really know that? I feel like saying "you woudln't think that if you were inside my head right now!" I know most people mean the best intentions but to suffers it feels like empty words.

    Thankfully, my therapist doesn't use too many cliches–or if she does,she calls herself out on them. "I know you have heard this a million times" or "Okay, this sounds corny, but…" I really like her and am SO glad I found someone that I can click with. She ends each session with a hug, have a good week, and then some funny quip about what my struggle was that particular session. It makes me smile and forget (at least for the moment) that I was feeling so bad.


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