Hello ladies and gentlemen. I know it has been awhile since I wrote anything, but I figured now was as good a time as any about this particular “rant”. I have been watching, for some time now, the GOP slowly regress to a mindset of times that are nothing more than history to people like me. I have been watching this party slowly disintegrate from the inside out in every way possible. I keep thinking they cannot find another way to make themselves look out of touch with reality or the will of the people and they come up with a brand new way of doing it or another person to do it for them. They have gone from a party that had good, strong, solid ideals to a party that just does nothing but use talking points and old rhetoric to try and get people angry. They do not put forth solid arguments of their positions they just try and shout the loudest so they make it look like they have the better idea. They have people on radio and TV who do nothing but say what will get them ratings and get people to talk about them and what they say. I do not particularly listen to these people because I don not want to drag down my intelligence and go down to their level of intelligence. I have seen, from looking at history, that those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. So far I have been watching the Republican Party try and demonize the man who is our current president in so many ways it is insane. I have seen the the party become more and more exclusive of others than inclusive. They have made every effort to placate to those who would advocate violence, in my opinion. I have seen and heard the lies and falsehoods they have used to destroy the healthcare reform this country desperately needs. They have been the mouthpieces of their handlers the big insurance companies and other health sector interests. They seem to have no new ideas of their own to put forth anymore. They have been nothing but a party of stagnation, in my opinion. All they seem to care about is who lines their pockets and who will grease their districts, which is nothing new for either party, but they seem to rely on it extremely heavy. I have seen and heard the House Minority Leader, a man from the state in which I reside in, do all he can to block any and all legislation that is for the benefit of this country. Believe me when I say he is not of the people when you have a spray on tan and look nothing like a common person and probably never did an honest days work in his entire life, but that is pure speculation on my part. I know next to nothing of the man nor do I really care to for that matter. But as I have stated and thought for some time, and I have heard others state, if the GOP continues on the path it is currently on they face the real and present danger of making themselves another footnote in history and going by the wayside and never regaining prominence and respectability they once had. I wonder if those who members of the Republican Party in this nations past would recognize the GOP that they were a part of at one time and if they would say they were still a part of it or not. It does make one wonder.


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