Hi i need your help those of us whom like and love Delane please if you have a higher power pray to it that she is not being harmed. He truly is a warped human doing. Not sure he is a human being…..

Pray i stay calm and do not go up there and end up in jail no word of a lie. i am snarling and see my teeth wolfs teeth dripping with bld. In the words of Erics wife lol he is BAT SHIT CRAZY lol nevah heard that til she said it.. For you christains that cut me off forgive me if this offends anyone not my intention what so ever. Peter{ my brothers name and the name of Delanes son}[My big brother is my rock excellent photographer check him out on face book if you want Peter Massini me i am there also on face book under Andrea Sparkii Massini so i put my name out there i aint afraid of fraud got all that locked up}.So, back to my point.

Peter went to Jesus and said Father how many times must i forgive someone 7 times? NO said jesus seventy times seventy. This man soon to be x has been sexual when she has said NO for craps sakes NO means NO. man woman child what ever stop and no means just that just cause someone is married to someone does not give them the right to RAPE his own wife thats just disgusting appauling so we both need help today in your own indivigual ways.

That old crap about it a wifes duty oh hello no duty to lay there and go numb til its over omg you all whom have gone through this hugs if you want wise to ask people whom have been abused if its cool that you hug em for reals. Triggers we all have them and we all have our own story. I have to get this out or lil sitting bull and my sandra will have to come bail me out.

My soul totem animal is a wolf and when wolfs scence danger they back up sniff and go for it teeth drippen with bld its not evil its an intence protective thing. so help us both and all whom have gone through and may go through what our Delane is going through and yes i call her my wife those of you whom know us as indiviguals i am certain you all can see we are interdependant and we were made for one another again if i am offending anyone i hope you will find it in your heart to just LIVE and LET LIVE in this case its for him live or die opps did i just go there ? Heck yes i did.

I am here to talk with in total confidence that i will not share what anyone says unless they say hey share it. Ironicly i did not ask Delane if i could write this heck i know what she would say lol miss cheese pie huh you all are so cool.

tht twisted man has screwed up her E-mail and shut the ringer off he sits in a chair talking with others while he what ever i m sure i need not get into the details> she I and we need all the support we can get right now i know we both support lots of you all. I know that she is a bit overwhelmed at all the love and care she is being shown and that just tickles me friggen snowie every time i am about to loose it i can hear and i am deaf lol i can hear her say SO.. Kiwi she calls me and Kumquat Delane.

one last thing I am wanting to have a DT meet in person and lets party this coming 4th of July at a place called burlingame camp ground its a beautiful place and the ocean is very close by I know our money can be real tight so i am thinking of ways to get here to lil RI that will not toast your budget.. Yet again thank you for reading this even if ya dont like me at least pray and support her thanks again all I love this place and many of you heck like lot s of ya too.


  1. ancientgeekcrone 8 years ago

    I am sorry Delane is experiencing all this.  Are you sure that this is not an invasion of her privacy. On the other hand maybe there is a battered wives shelter in Canada.She could take refuge there if she feels she needs to flee. It is always tricky being a 3rd party in a marriage.

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  2. MoonWolfEagle 8 years ago

    IN so far as our get together I talked with my kid Nite Ridder {Sandra B Good} stage name a musician indeed and she always does her own thing a sort of other family retreat. So her Birthday is over Memorial Day weekend and no way am i gonna not have her with us. So Memorial Weekend it is. Let's throw some ideas around. You all amaze me with all the hurt we have all been though we still have love and kindness empathy and we can be so dag gone FUNNY one big ol family worken stuff out with one another and of course our DJ if he can make it well bet we know whom i am speaking of our music man V sweet kind compassionate funny as heck ah well enough said time for a station break lol get it Delane you go girl

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  3. sadviolinist 8 years ago

    I'm praying for her and you both. Of course you haven't offended me, and if people are offended than they know not to come her again. Some people need to grow up! It's funny that she calls you Kiwi ~ that's one of my nickname's too! I hope that things are better now honey. I'm sorry I haven't been answering the phone. I've gone on a major isolation kick. It's hard to do anything right now, and my empathic gift is more of a curse than anything at this point. I can't talk to people without feeling their feelings and I can't handle it at this point. 🙁   I understand exactly what you're saying about a husband raping his wife. An ex-friend of mine went through that for years. It's wrong on so many levels! I think that he should be prosecuted to the fullest extent possible! Tell her that I'm sending love, light and praying. For you as well too my dear friend.

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