Hey everyone,

As im sure most of you know iv been trying to move from my ma's for a long time, well its finally happening!

I havent been getting on too great with my ma and i just feel its time to move on. Being here has been so good for me, iv changed and grown so much in the last year but at this stage i feel i need to move on, i need to go back home…thats where my life is, or was.

Im under no illusion that this is going to be easy, il be lonely, it will be hard and im sure there will be times i will be tempted to use drugs but il just have to try and stay strong and say no. Im worried about it alot to be honest and im nervous, but staying here,well..i fee like im going no-where fast. My mother might be here but thats the only thing that is here for me. Dublin is where my courses are, where my work is, where my friends are and il be closer to the prison to see my brother.

I havent actually got a place yet but im going to see  a couple on friday and from friday onwards il be staying with my friend and her husband untill i get a place sorted. Nothing is stopping me really, i have a deposit for a flat and the social welfare will pay the rest. I dont want to be dependant on the social forever though so as soon as im settled im going to look for a job an hopefully be able to save up to go to college, i want to do counselling and psychotheraphy but it is very expensive…. €4000 per year , but im getting a little ahead of myself because that wont be untill 2010.

This is going to be a completley new beginning for me and i might succeed and i might fail but i wont know untill i try.

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  1. jefwheels 14 years ago

     Good for you Kizzy. Remember the reality wa once a dream ! 

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