staring at the night sky

i always wonder ,

why is it always me?

why do i suffer so much?

what did i do to deserve this treatment?

staring at the hot bright sun ,

i always wonder

am i anyone’s sunshine?

do i make anyone happy?

do you love me?

staring at the warm evening sunset

i always wonder

am i worth living?

do i deserve any of this?

am i even alive ? or all of this an illusion?

staring at my bedroom ceiling

i always wonder

why do i overthink?

why did he leave?


after closing my eyes

i get visuals ,

of him.

hugging me and promising me

“i will be there for you”

were you there with me ?

were you?


been a month since we broke up

been a year since you promised me to stay!

today , today is the day i will never forget. </3


26th of november , i will never forget.


thanks for reading , love you all. <3

love , R

  1. aquazium 11 months ago

    Oh, that’s so rough, sorry you had to go through that. Betrayal is so painful:( You are strong and brave though, you’ll get through this;)

    2 kudos

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