Today I will share with my readers tools that I use to cope when I have a Panic or Anxiety Attack.

Usually the most effective form of coping for me is distraction. Find something to do even if it is small force yourself to count floor tiles for instance. Count how many things you see of a certain colour or genre. Talk to a friend or colleague in person. Strike up the small talk. The key here is getting your brain to think about something or someone else.

Apps meant for helping you through. I am not a paid sponsor nor at all related to these. I have nothing to gain by sharing this. My main go-tos are freebies for the iPhone and work really well for me. First is called “Beat Panic”.  It’s a free app that basically guides you through the attack and provides reassurance that you’re ok. It’s like a slideshow of sorts. The other app that really works well for me is actually an app for Veterans with PTSD. Its called “VirtualHope”. It has small word searches, Mahjong games and a bunch of resources to help you get through it. Also there is a list of people you can add so that if you need to talk to someone, one click and it auto calls them for you when you feel like you are losing control.

I know as much as I hate going to the Gym, I love it too. Exercise really does use up that anxious energy at the end of my workday and its improving my body all at the same time. Its another reason when you feel like your dying, you can think to yourself…. gee, I exercise a few times a week and my heart is healthy, therefore its not a heart attack.

My diet needs some work, but I do stick to 1-2 cups of coffee MAX per day and I must consume them before noon. That way there isn’t any caffeine left in my system by the end of the day for me to feel jitters and potentially set off an anxious cycle.

Finally, I find that meditation really does help too. Even if you just lay down in the quiet and dark, relax and think of relaxing things, the beach, what a day anxiety free feels like. There are tons of apps with free meditation, I used a paid one called “Simple Habit”. I find its been very useful as it has many different coaches voices on a wide array of topics.

I would love for you to share your feedback on things that help you cope.

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  1. jacqulyn0322 3 years ago

    Thank you for sharing. Once I get into that anxious mode it’s hard to think of other things. I will definitely be trying some of these. I also use guided meditation to help with falling asleep sometimes. Michael Sealey (I think that’s how you spell it) is very good. I find most of the stuff on YouTube.

    I have tried exercising, typically when I’m not in a state of anxiety, but sometimes I worry mid-workout that I may be doing more harm than good. Mainly because whenever I’m tired the anxiety sets in and is more difficult to combat. Do you have this issue as well?

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    • Author
      anxioussandra 3 years ago

      I do find it hard to go exercise in the first place. I force myself to monitor my heart rate so that I KNOW I am not doing more harm than good. I use a chest strap for accuracy and keep my heartrate below my max to ensure I am working out properly.

      When I am tired after work sometimes I do get anxious enough not to go exercise because you’re already in that mindset; by the time you get out of it, it’s usually too late to get over there and get a workout in.

      So myself and many others I’m sure know exactly what you’re talking about.

      Thanks for your comment!

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