Okay, so yesterday I was unable to write a blog due to site construction. So, now I have a lot to tell you. Yesterday was a great day; Besides school. You see, my boyfriend had surgery yesterday morning, so after school I went over to his house and took care of him. But that "taking care of him" turned into: Me and him, in his bed, with me on top. My curfew prevented us from having sex. But we came SO close. If I think about it, I can still feel his chest pressed to mine, the way he kisses, and the way he holds onto me, tight, when I bite his neck. The moment was so hot. I was really in the mood, and so was he. But like I said, my curfew. But, as we were walking to my house, we talked. And he told me he was kind of glad we didn't. Why? Because I would of had to leave right after, and it would of felt wrong, and like I was just using him. Aww. I felt bad;slash;flattered. My boyfriend is so sweet. I honestly can't believe I found someone who treats me so well. That reminds me, last night, about an hour after we last seen eachother, Trey texted me saying "I need you" and "I wanna see you" So now, I'm just worried wondering what is up, But he came over, and I helped him through the tough time he was going through. I won't share all the information about what was wrong, I will only say that it was Family Troubles. The reason why I will not say no more, is because this is my Online Diary, for everyone to read what I post. If he posts what went down, then that is a whole other story. You get what I'm saying? Well, I have to go to the bathroom, to bye for now. I will write tonight. <3



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