I have witnessed many strange things in my short life span, but none as strange as what I am about to expose in this writing. I wonder myself exactly what happened that night. Most will, and have found this hard to believe, as do I sometimes. So, I hardly mention what transpired that night. I would probably not have believed this myself had I not been an eye witness to the crazy event. I don’t expect for this story to be believed by many. However, the story is fascinating regardless, and should be told for that fact alone, if not just for sheer entertainment purposes. No one of any rational reasoning could explain this in a rational manner. So, rationality does not play any part in what you are about to hear.
   It was a normal day in Teen Challenge Bonifay, Florida; as normal as you can get in an overly zealous Christian juvenile boot camp. I was serving out a court ordered fifteen month sentence, a time span that I will never forget no matter how hard I try.
   Some of the inmates, or cadets, were having a conversation on the subject of some sort of supernatural chanting. Only three of the people involved in this I can remember the names of, Cadet Travis Martin, who was my best friend in this corrupt place, Cadet Mathew Heart, and Cadet Jeremy McAllister. Martin was a former wiccan of some sort. Not sure if he actually practiced Wicca, just that he used to frequently dabble in cult practices.
   He had apparently told McAllister, Heart, and some other cadets about a certain chant he used to practice that had some astonishing effects. I was not an eye witness to this account, and have no idea what the chant entailed or what it was supposed to accomplish. All I know is that he told them exactly how to perform this strange ritual, and to never attempt to do so. Of course being young, stupid, and curious boys, they ignored his warning. Sometime later, sooner or later I do not know, just that it was sometime later that same day the ritual was preformed. Nothing happened. Not immediately anyway.
   The night started off normal. We had evening chow, (Or dinner to civilized people.) had the propagated version of our evening chapel, and hit the racks. (Went to bed) This is when things got… really weird to say the least.
   As I lay there almost seduced by sweet slumber the silence was broken by a sharp in-human scream. McAllister, who was one row over, leaped up from his rack and hurled his Bible to the front of the barracks. I shot straight up in my rack to see McAllister sprint in the same path as his Bible screaming in a hellish psychotic manner. One of the “never mess with him” sergeants who’s name I do not recollect, ran in and hit the lights on. McAllister stood panting in the front of the room.
   I got out of my rack and made my way forward to get a better look at what the hell was unfolding there. An unexplainable fear seemed to be clutching my heart as I neared. So much so I could feel my heart pulsating in my throat and head. The room seemed to drop in temperature a bit. Something to this day I can’t fully describe. Maybe it was just the fear that created this sensation. Although, I was not the only one to report this chilling factor. Every hair on my body seemed to stand on end with a tingling sensation that sent chills throughout my body.
   I got within no more than twenty feet of McAllister. I couldn’t tell you if it was just lighting that created this visual allusion, but I could not see any white in his eyes. His eyes seemed to be somewhat pale, black, pools, with a yellowish gleam every so often. His breathing was deep and hard, sending waves starting from his upper chest down to his lower abdomen in an almost rhythmic pattern, and back up again. Almost as you could imagine a belly dancer would do, only different in a very freakish way. It was as if the front of him had taken on the consistency of some jelly like liquid to perform such a maneuver.
   The sergeant cautiously approached from behind McAllister, put his hand on his shoulder, and asked, “You Okay?”
   McAllister swung around at lighting speed, shoving the sergeant back with such a display of strength and force that the sergeant stumbled backwards a ways, and fell on his back. He scrambled to his feet like a frightened child, and backed away in a frantic manner as if his life depended on how fast he could distance himself from this small teenager.
McAllister started screaming a combination of English and mindless dribble in a voice that was not so much his own as it was distorted, in a tone I can only describe as being high pitched, and deep at the same time. “Get away from me! Get the fuck away from me! All of you! Ahhhh!” I could never mimic, or describe the sounds that were coming from this kid. The thought of these demonic vocalizations make me shiver every time I think of them.
  “I told you! I told you stupid idiots not to do it! Now look! Now look what you’ve done!” Screamed Martin, as he cowered back in fear with the rest of us.
   McAllister kept screaming. The distinct conjuration of actual words was gone, it was just noise now. He kept pacing in long strides back and forth, swinging his arms around, growling, and roaring hellishly like some kind of rabid, wild animal sent straight from the depths of Hell. We all just watched frozen in a state of disbelief and horror at what was happening right before our eyes. We all had come to the same conclusion, and nothing needed to be said for it was clear to all of us that we were witnessing a demonic possession.
   Eventually some, 5 or 6, of the cadets who had wholeheartedly committed themselves to our Lord and Savior, approached McAllister, some with Bibles in hand, ready to do battle with the hostile beast inside. McAllister spun quickly to face his pursuers with a look of pure evil, and hatred. It knew what was coming.
“Get away from me! Don’t fucking touch me!” It yelled.
“Come out of him in the name of Jesus Christ! Leave Now! In the name of Jesus Christ! Come out of him now demon. By the power of Christ you have no right here!” They started yelling.
   McAllister backed away from them rapidly, screaming all sorts of curses, threats, and various forms of other obscenities. One of the bigger cadets tried to grab him and was harshly thrown to the ground. McAllister fought them off victoriously for a short time, but was then tackled by all of them simultaneously. It took all of their strength to hold down this small kid, all the while calling the demon out in the name of Jesus. The screams got louder, higher pitched, and seemed to take on a representation of pain consolidated with anger. His body seemed to seizure at the peak, his voice became even higher pitched, and louder. The monstrous voice was simply screaming madly now. The convulsions placidly became still as the spirit left. The violent struggle seemed to go on forever, but in reality only lasted less than five minutes probably.
   McAllister seemed to be in some sort of hypnotic haze, and was literally carried back to his rack. He knew nothing of the event when asked the next morning, and refused to believe we were telling him the truth. As if we were playing some sick practical joke on the kid.
   Another happening took place that night. Cadet Heart screamed out a few hours later that night. However, nothing like the incident with McAllister. His scream was very much his own. He had apparently been deathly frightened by something as he was sitting up in his rack pale white with his knees to his chest, his arms around his shins, and rocking back and forth. He would not speak when asked what was wrong. He just sat there staring off into space and continued rocking with tears streaming down his face.
   Needless to say no one slept that night, and many of us had much difficulty sleeping for many nights to come. The sergeant who was the only staff eye witness quit not even a week later. I’m sure some of the staff that heard this story will tell it for years to come in that place. After all not many are witnesses to such a supernatural event.
   Many who hear this tale will speculate, and come to their own conclusion of what they think happened that night. I will simply not argue the subject. I was there, and I saw this all take place. Think what you will, it’s your God given right. All I can do is give my eye witness account.
  1. Smile_still 10 years ago

    Really? wow… either way really great story.

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  2. axle85 10 years ago

    Still don't know what the ritual or chant that they did was just that they did it, and that was the out come. It was a topic of chaple discussion for little while but it's not like anything like that ever happened again. Not in the rest of my time there anyway.


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