She stood at the river,
And she was ready to jump.

Why is last night haunting me?
All I did was let that voice take over,
That voice, that person who protected me.
I tried throwing hints towards you,
But you didn't understand.
Did you?

All those "no"s and saying "yes".
Saying "yes" to "Do you hate me?".
How could you not understand that that wasn't the truth?
I'm sorry I didn't make it clearer.
You just chose the wrong time,
The wrong moment to come to me.

I'm not sorry about everything.
Truthfully, I am sorry about most things.
But not for everything.
Keep in mind that you were the one,
The one who yelled at me.
You were the one whobrought up him.
Yelling at me that I'm just like him.
The funny thing is,
You know my pain because of him.
You were willing to go that far,
By practicaly admitting to my face that I'm the worst.
It didn't seem like a lie the way you said it either.
So thanks, now I know the truth in you too.

She began to walk, to step lightly.
Though she stopped,
But why?

Truth is, we all know.
She isn't ready to say goodbye.
Of course she must,
But when the time comes,
She will.
Just not now.

So the girl turned and walked away.
She shook with fear of what's to come,
But at least she would know herself and where to go.
Not back, not for a long time,
But only forward from now on.
No matter how much it hurt,
She would find a way to get her life back.

She did't hate you
She hated him
She made her mistakes
You made yours
If whats meant to be
Will be…


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